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A solid foundation is a requirement when it comes to making money online. What do you think would happen if you build a house on loose soil? Besides receiving your 2 free profit ready websites, you are also going to build on a foundation that includes integrated tools for website analysis, management, ranking, and security.

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The Most Powerful Website Platform in the World

If you’re going to do it, you’ll want to do it right the first time. Build your profit ready website on the most powerful website platform in the world. 

The average time to build a website is: 34 seconds

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unparalleled uptime

A website won’t do you any good if it’s constantly down. That’s why Wealthy Affiliate takes the extra step to secure your website with double hosting as well as hacking and spam prevention.

Here are some facts for you: Backups every 24 hours and the average page load time is 1.3 seconds.

Online Entrepreneur Education

Step-by-step courses prepared for you with action plans to ensure your success. As long as you keep up with the training and learn the fundamentals of making money online. You will one day replace your regular income working from home.

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Affiliate Program

Do you want to make money promoting Wealthy Affiliate? Earn while you learn and track your progress as you go!

Over 1 Million Members

Join people from all over the world. No matter where you are in the world, there will always be active members available to answer any of your questions.

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Keyword Research Tool

Do you want to rank on the first page of Google? A keyword research tool is a must have under your toolbelt.

Amazingly Responsive

The platform is amazingly response no matter what device you use. Expect easy navigation whether you're working on the laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

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Contact For Support

Do you have questions? Wealthy Affiliate is ran by extremely active and motivated founders. At this point, the platform can run itself, but they chose to stay active just in case you need additional support.

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Easy To Use Content Writer

Use their state of the art content writing platform. It includes spelling and grammar check!

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